Historical Pass Rates

Source: Driving Standards Agency (DSA)

Corsa School of Motoring Pass Rate History.

The Driving Standards Agency has monitored the pass-rates of all Approved Driving Instructors [ADI] since 1998/1999* and, produces a "Fault Analysis Report" at the end of every year. For the first 3 years, this report was sent out to each and every Driving Instructor on the register of ADIs. Subsequently, the DSA now only send out this report if the individual Instructor places a request for the report, which is what I do every year.

The pass-rate of my pupils here at the Corsa School of Motoring is very important, as I feel it shows the high levels of success and competence that my pupils achieve, have achieved over the last 15 years since its inception and, hopefully, will continue to achieve in the coming years.

This is why I continually monitor performances and results of my pupils on their practical driving tests, so as the results at the end of the year give me a pass-rate which is consistently much higher than the National Average which, to my mind, is very poor.

Not many driving instructors or driving schools publicise their pass rates, and many perhaps don’t even know or particularly care, so it's hard to compare theirs with the National Average pass-rate of 47.7% and my own pass-rate, for the year ending 31st March 2014, of 77.27%.

My average pass-rate over the last 11 years is an average of 74.32% which, as you can see, is considerably higher than the National average. I’d like to think the reason for this is due to thorough preparation for all aspects of the practical driving test therefore giving my pupils a far better chance than average of passing their test.